This page is only for evaluation downloads or existing users wishing to download to a new computer.  Installing the evaluation version on a computer with registered Min-U-Script Pro software may effect the existing Min-U-Script Pro files and configuration.

The Min-U-Script Pro Evaluation is a FULL VERSION of Min-U-Script Pro.  The ONLY difference between the evaluation and a licensed version of Min-U-Script is the evaluation puts a watermark (Min-U-Script Evaluation) on all transcript pages.  If you decide to purchase, you will not need to install any different software nor lose any of your configuration settings.  We will send you a Product Code to register your software and remove the watermark.

To UPDATE existing licensed computers, click here.

Installation is very simple, however to watch an installation instructions video, Click Here, or view/print our Installation Guide.

To download your Free Min-U-Script Pro Evaluation Version, please complete the form below and press submit to be directed to our downloads page.  This information will be used to advise you of product features and updates.

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