What is the Min-U-Script Pro Support Policy?

The purchase of a Min-U-Script Pro license comes with 6 months of User Software Updates and Tech Support.  For 6 months you may email/call/fax with any Min-U-Script Pro software support questions and you will be receive software updates at no additional charge.  You will receive email annoucements of any major updates to the software.

After 6 months, you may optionally choose to purchase the annual Min-U-Script Pro User Software Updates and Tech Support (see latest pricing at www.minuscript.com/muspropricing.html).  We will automatically send an invoice when it is time to renew.  If you choose to decline, please send us an email and we will void your invoice.  You still own the product license.

If payment of your annual Min-U-Script Pro User Software Updates and Tech Support is made after 3 months of the invoice, there will be a $50 reinstatement fee and we will reset your anniversary date to the date of the payment.

If you decline annual Min-U-Script Pro user Software Updates and Tech Support, you need to make sure you save the software you have downloaded and installed.  It is all you have if you need to reinstall the software.  If you have any updates, please save the original install, plus the update.  You may request to download a new full installation of the software at anytime when you are still on Min-U-Script Pro User Software Updates and Tech Support.

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