What kind of security does Min-U-Script TR (repository) have?

The security of your data is taken very serious at Min-U-Script.  Many methods are being:

  • All Transmissions with the server are Encrypted using a 4096 Bit SSL Certificate.  This includes all interaction between the Min-U-Script Pro software and the online repository.  Currently the highest level of SSL ever to be broken is a 768 bit certificate (took 80 computers 2.5 years) so currently this level of encryption is very secure.

  • All passwords are stored in a one way hash using Blowfish (BCrypt)

o   Blowfish Encryption using large keys and rounds has yet to be broken.

  • All interaction between Min-U-Script Pro and the online repository uses a session token so that secure information (login tuple – Username/Password/Repository) is only sent across the wire once.  This allows for ease of use while not subjecting a users login information to unnecessary transmission.

  • All files are stored in a secure file store and accessible by authorized request only.

o   Download links are single use and timeout if not used in 2 hours.

  • Soon, and Audit Log of most operations in the system (who did what when and where) will be available.

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