How do I exclude Min-U-Script files from AVG Anti-Virus Checks?

A recent update to AVG Anti-Virus software appears to be tagging two of Min-U-Script's files as viruses.  This is a false.   Anti-Virus companies would rather tag a file as a virus than not when they are unsure.  Many software companies are going through the same issues with these Anti-Virus companies.  We have submitted the files to AVG so they would remove from the list, however we have no idea when we will get a response.  So in the meantime, you can exclude these files from being checked by AVG.

1. Open AVG Interface

2. Click on Tools

3. Then Click on Advanced Settings

4. Then go to the Residential Shield Main Heading

5. Then Look For Directory Excludes

6. Then Add Your File or Folder

The two files we have seen so far being tagged are SCPWIN32.dll & actman.dll.

7. Click Apply

8. When Pop-up asks if to proceed Press Ok

9 Then Press OK button

10. When Pop-up asks if to proceed Press Ok

11. Ok Good Work your done

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