Does Min-U-Script accept Word or Word Perfect files?

Yes and no.  Min-U-Script supports files in ASCII format only.  ASCII files contain just text where Word/Word Perfect files have many “special” characters representing fonts, tabs, and other formatting.  To use a Word/Word Perfect file in Min-U-Script, you must first convert the file to a clean ASCII.  Here are some tips:

  1. Both Word and Word Perfect have methods to “Save As” a Text (ASCII) file, but so far it does not look like these methods retain page and line numbers.  So until this feature becomes available, you can “print to a file” using a Generic Text/Only print driver.
  2. Installing the Generic Text/Only print driver:
    1. From your Windows Control Panel open the Devices and Printers window. Select Add a printer. If the devices window displays No Devices Found then click on The printer that I want isn’t listed.
    2. Select to Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings.
    3. Select FILE: (Print to File) as the printer port.
    4. Select Generic from the Manufacturer list, and then Generic/Text Only from the Printers list.
    5. Once the Generic/Text Only driver is installed you can create an ASCII from your Word/Word Perfect document by using one of these two methods:
      • Min-U-Script has a built-in ASCII Utility for creating ASCII files from Word/Word Perfect Files. Access this feature from the File/ASCII Utilities/Export ASCII from Word/Word Perfect Files menu.
      • From the File/Print menu in Word/Word Perfect. Select the new “Generic/Text Only” printer, click on Print and then assign the file a name and select the location to Save to.
    6. This new file that is created can now be processed through Min-U-Script. (NOTE: The ASCII file created may have a .prn extention in the file name. This is an acceptable ASCII file type and can be directly processed through MUS.)

Here are additional problems/tips which have been found with Word/Word Perfect:

  1. When changing the printer to Generic/Text Only Printer driver to create the ASCII, it may change the fonts in your document and move text from page to page.  If this occurs, we suggest you change the current printer to Generic/Text Only PRIOR to creating your document.
  2. Review the ASCII File Requirements and Helpful Tips page for more information on formatting your Word/Word Perfect file.

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