How does the Transcript Library Work?

There are three main functions of the Transcript Library: Archiving, Searching, Reprocessing.

  • ARCHIVING: The Transcript Library stores the original ASCII as well as all the job information (caption, witness, job date, format, etc.) for each job that has been processed.


  • SEARCHING: It logs and characterizes each job with the fields labeled Date, Last Used, Caption, Plaintiff, Defendant, Witness and Day/Volume if a trial transcript, etc. By simply clicking on a field, you can sort the Library by that field and browse. Or, you can click on a field and quick search by typing a few letters… you can even search in layers, e.g. all jobs with XYZ as defendant in 2006, with these witnesses. Once you locate the transcript(s) by browsing or searching, you can retrieve the Min-U-Script file and/or ASCII for reprocessing, reprinting, resending, viewing or deleting from the library. You can even print a report of the whole library or just the results of your search.


  • REPROCESSING: By selecting the transcript(s) you have searched for, you are instantly returned to the Delivery Screen for the functions listed above.


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